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Compilation Engagements & Notice to Reader

What we offer

In a compilation engagement we as Chartered Professional Accountants present the
financial information of a business in a clear and rational format.

We prepare your financial statements and we also provide a notice to reader to accompany
your financial statements

We follow the elementary principles of accounting and help the readers to better understand the financial position of the business itself without assuring or giving an opinion of the information it comprises.

A notice to reader accompanies a non-audited set of financial statements and must conform to professional standards and follow the fundamental accounting principles.

Hence, it is recommended that a designated Chartered Professional Accountant be engaged to produce financial statements with an accompanying notice to reader.

Need for compilation

You may need a compilation engagement to assemble the financial information
your corporation or, to present it to other third parties that might need to review the status of
your business. For example, investors, stockholders, banks and insurance companies might
have a particular interest in seeing if your business is sturdy or not in order to accept new
obligations or debts.

Financial statements present the events of the business for a period of time and exhibit the net asset situation of the business. It showcases the business proceeds and outlines the expenses incurred to earn this income.

These statements may be compulsory for the purposes of a bank finance application, as a prerequisite of providing an investment to your business or in the event of a sale of your business. Financial statements are also an important instrument for business owners as it allows them to assess the financial performance of their business.

Capex Tax & Business Advisers’ staff is always equipped to attend you and guide you through all the steps to offer a compilation engagement and notice to reader based on your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We have demonstrated our expertise in the field and have established a loyal client base. As Tax and Business Advisers in Ontario, our specialists are educationally and technically brilliant and strive to give you the best service. Timely completion of deliverables, attention to precision, and always looking for productivities by leveraging technology are some of the reasons we are the Chartered Professional Accountants of choice.

Your Growth Is Our Growth: Client Happy We Happy.

We have a high regard for client happiness and put an honest effort to make our clients happy. We are committed to assist our clients by providing information about emerging tax regulations and accounting technologies and advising about the various rules surrounding commonly questioned areas such as expense deductions and accrual accounting. You can be assured of excellent assistance at affordable rates from us as a tax and accounting firm.

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Get in touch with us to know how we can help you. We offer 1st in class chat support from 9 am till 9 pm all year around. We are extremely professional in our methodology and aim to support you in taking your business to the next level. To warrant that all of your finance needs can be met and you stay up to date with all of them, we offer online chat support year-round every day from 9 AM- 9 PM. We would be delighted to tell you how we can assist you as a trustworthy professional accountant. Your Growth Is Our Growth.



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